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Binary Juggling (Emission)

Binary Juggling (Emission): The user has an odd sigil on both palms. At will, he can teleport whatever he possesses in his right hand to his left hand (and vic versa). This ability is incredibly fixable with so many options.
[no name yet] (Emission): he may place a sigil on another person's palm via a handshake and agreement to have it. He may then use Binary Juggling with them. Though it must still follow some rules. Things must travel between opposing hands (1 left and 1 right) with sigils and only the maker of this hatsu can cause the teleporting. He is also the only one who can possess 2 sigils, all others must have either a right hand or left hand sigil.
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Alternative to drewtech mongoose?

I'm very new to tuning and am trying to wrap my head around the hardware needed to begin. I am trying to tune a 4.6 out of a 98 crown vic. I've found plenty of options for software, tunerpro, ecu editor, binary editor ect. Most of these recommend the drewtech mongoose on their websites. Those are five hundred dollars, and anyone can find obd2 to usb cables for twenty to fifty bucks on amazon all day. I guess there's a difference between the ability to scan vs flash? Can anyone help me understand what the differences are and if there is a suitable and cheap alternative to the mongoose?
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Diplomacy Overhaul Concept

Diplomacy in this game is kinda bland. It's been an issue since release and they actually stripped it down a little since then (primarily the removal of embassies). I haven't talked to a player yet who doesn't want an overhaul so here is my (updated) 2 cents on the concept.
As it is, there are 2 different forms of interaction with other nations: war and co-operation. Chances are you will be forced to war (the game purposefully spawns opposing ethics as far as I'm aware), if you find someone to co-operate it comes down to accepting or rejecting agreements (chances are you will accept). This isn't too deep and kinda lets down the other aspects of the game.

Diplomacy As A Currency

So nations IRL and even in fantasy aren't just in a binary state of vassal or not, we see a variety of different agreements between states. We also see diplomacy used as a currency, so why not treat it as one. Move diplomacy to the trade menu. What if I want to commission another nation's scientists instead of allowing them to benefit off of my own as well? What if I want to demand tribute in return for joining a non-ally's war? What if I agree to give up my claims in a nation in return for a guarantee? What if I won't agree to peace until I'm able to force them to give me alloy as reparations? This could all be possible if diplomacy was broken down and put into the trade menu, I feel like this would make the game more dynamic.

New Peace Deal System

Why should I have to choose peace deals from a short and uninteresting list? I should be able to use war to force trade options instead of just from a few uninteresting Casus Belli. As it is, I cant be an evil trade corporation using war to force a communist nation to allow me to build McDonalds in Sankt Petersburg and honestly if i'm not doing that what am I doing? Instead of the system we have (choose a CB, either win or lose or white peace) we should have a system where I can demand things from the trade menu including the aforementioned diplomatic options in return for peace. A higher warscore means the "peace" trade option would carry more and more weight. This way you could customize your peace.

Sphere Of Influence

Why can't my nation force influence another? In Vic 2 there is an amazing (and applicable) system known as a Sphere of Influence, this system allows a nation to exploit another's production through diplomatic means (without explicit permission) as well as control a number of their diplomatic options. I'd like to see a simpler and less micromanage-y version of this system added to Stellaris. If a significantly more powerful nation neighbours a smaller, weaker empire and they are non-antagonistic the weaker nation will slowly gain trust for the larger nation. Trust can now be used in the trade menu to force trade agreements, the more trust you have the more you can force however trust is reduced after using this option. This is only available to nations of greater than relative power.

New Diplomacy Options And Reworked Vassals

Vassals in paradox games has always been all or nothing and generally you have little control over their powers. With the suggestions above it allows a more dynamic system. "Make Vassal" would no longer be an option. Instead, you can get make treaties and deals with other empires that decide their rights under you, for example "join offensive wars" or "force military access". This means that you can customize your vassals and it would be deeper than a yes or no. If the trade menu was used even the length of vassalization could be agreed on. A number of diplomatic options would have to be added, off the top of my head I would add "Join defensive wars", "join offensive wars", "give fleetpower" "annul treaties" and "give sector". Annexation of vassals would instead of being a single click of "annex" would be a series of deals getting them to give sectors to you over a number of years (generally using trust to force them).

What does this mean for the game? It would make diplomatic more modular as well as interesting. It would also allow more interesting wars that mean more than just annexation. I think this is the ideal system for stellaris' diplomacy, personally. Thoughts?
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To program consciousness: reconciling the portrayal of AI in Trek

This is an indirect response to recent conversations that have centered around the question of artificial sentience, particularly in holograms. I’ve been reading DaystromInstitute for a while, but after being provoked into hours of thought and research, I decided to submit my first real long form contribution. I hope it continues a stimulating conversation!
The prevalence of artificial intelligence has been accelerating in our contemporary real world. Our machines can beat human masters of chess and go, learn to play Super Mario World, drive cars, and—over at Google—they may (or may not) have just recently passed the Turing Test during some natural-language phone conversations. If the Federation represents a society that is extrapolated from our own, it is natural to ask what happens to AI in that future.
Before we dive in, I have to lay down a few disclaimers:
  1. The discussion I’m presenting is technical at times, but I hope it will still be accessible to most readers. I’m particularly interested in thoughts from any fellow coders who have more expertise in AI (I am but a lowly front-end developer).
  2. The source material is, for the purposes of detailed theorycrafting on this subject, sketchy—and that’s being kind. Terms such as “program,” “algorithm,” “circuitry,” “subroutine,” and “matrix” are injected into the dialogue with little regard for their significance in computer science.
For those two reasons, I feel we should try to keep our technical arguments as high-level as possible, when possible. Instead of quibbling over the technobabble used in a particular scene, my goal is to focus on the overall state of attitudes, capabilities, and policies used to portray our artificial friends in the Federation. From scheming computer simulations to androids that can’t cannot use simple contractions, we see a highly inconsistent variety of Federation AI in Star Trek. How are we to make sense of this from an in-universe perspective? I’ll also examine how our understanding of AI and machine learning today might fit into those portrayals.

Shouldn’t Skynet Be Killing Us By Now?

“The word you're looking for is ‘unnatural,’ meaning not from nature. ‘Freak’ or ‘monster’ would also be acceptable.”
- Julian Bashir, on human genetic modification (DS9 “Dr. Bashir, I Presume”)

I’ve read several comments here that suggest Strong AI—that is, a machine that is conscious and can think just like a human—isn’t really that hard, or at least, that it seems inevitable given the pace of our computational progress. Regardless of your position there, the relevant question here in Daystrom is: does the Federation get there by the mid-24th century?
We have a few data points we can use to map a potential trajectory.
Starting with today, we already have algorithms that can parse natural language, so the bountiful examples of verbal interaction with the ship’s computer, for instance, don’t seem far fetched at all. We’re only just starting figure out what it takes, however, for an AI to do more than respond to a single inquiry. (More on this in a bit.) One of the largest challenges—one that some computer scientists feel is nigh insurmountable—is for an AI to be able to understand, to attach meaning to its data and represent it as knowledge.
It’s clear to me that, by the time we approach TOS, Starfleet computers are capable of this form of sapient AI. Through a natural language exchange, Michael Burnham convinces her ship’s computer to change its mind and assist her to escape confinement (DIS “Battle of the Binary Stars”). The computer has to understand her reasoning, follow her logic over several statements, and come to an ethical conclusion based on situational context.
Curiously, we don’t see this depth of understanding from any other Starfleet computer henceforth. What gives?
I propose the answer might lie with this sub’s namesake: Dr. Richard Daystrom and his M-5 computer. During a disastrous turn of events, Daystrom has a semantic argument very similar to Burnham’s, a desperate attempt to convince the machine to alter its behavior. Ultimately, Kirk takes over and concludes the argument successfully by leading M-5 to understand the consequences of its actions and to take responsibility for them (TOS “The Ultimate Computer”). It seems reasonable to conclude that the Federation, reeling from the complete destruction of a Starfleet ship and crew at the hands of a murderous sapient computer, found impetus to establish restrictions on the development of Strong AI. To create an intelligence, let alone a living consciousness, that could have such consequential agency over the lives of its citizens would be an unethical act in the eyes of the Federation, given the risks.
I therefore argue that most of the Federation computers we see, starting with TOS, exhibit limited AI not because of a lack of technological progress, but because the potential for harmful or ethically questionable consequences (like those of eugenics, on which the Federation takes a similar stance) far outweighs the potential benefits.
It’s a fun exercise to revisit scenes involving computer interaction with this in mind. For example, one of the first times we hear the computer of the Enterprise-D, Riker seems flummoxed at its genteel manner (TNG “Encounter at Farpoint”).
COMPUTER: The next hatchway on your right.
RIKER: Thank you.
COMPUTER: You're welcome, Commander Riker. And if you care to enter, Commander?
RIKER: I do.
There’s a tone of impatience in his voice. I can imagine Riker internally rolling his eyes, wondering what historically-ignorant engineer thought it would be a good idea to give the computer such personality—not because it wasn’t useful or wonderful or advanced, but because it was distasteful. (It would be analogous to a Federation doctor advertising that babies delivered in their practice grow up to have higher IQs—not eugenics exactly, but probably not the PR you want.) In my headcanon, this is the reason the Enterprise computer is later changed to the simpler, dispassionate verbal interface we all know and love.

Mad Science? More Like Mad Props

“Lal may be a technological step forward in the development of artificial intelligence.”
- Anthony Haftel (TNG “The Offspring”)

The problem with this thesis is that we see Federation scientists either pursuing the development of Strong AI or willfully disregarding any such ethical concerns around the potential of its creation. We could discuss exocomps (TNG “The Quality of Life”), renegade missile guidance systems (VOY “Dreadnought”), or hell, the simple fact that a holodeck program autonomously generated a self-aware hologram due to a slip of the tongue (TNG “Elementary, Dear Data”). But I would be woefully remiss, of course, if I didn’t address the 100-kilo android in the room.
Of all the attempts to create an artificial human-like intelligence, Noonien Soong’s was the most overt. This does not necessarily counter my hypothesis; we can imagine Dr. Soong had an overriding motivation to ignore Federation ethical regulations. And we can reason similarly with Torres, who wasn’t a fan of the Federation at the time, or with Dr. Farallon, whose life’s work would be jeopardized by such restrictions. Indeed, any one individual with enough self-justification might decide not to heed the potential hazards of unleashing fully sentient robot overlords.
But even beyond one mad scientist’s zeal—based on some of the reactions we see—their colleagues appreciate the technology and thank them for it. Riker becomes so smitten with a realistic hologram that he falls into despair when he loses the chance to be with her (TNG “10010011”). Pioneers such as Soong, Daystrom, and Ira Graves are highly lauded, and the last two are even recognized with institutional prizes for their work. And the question I wrestled with most of all: if the Federation had put restrictions on the development of potentially sentient AI, why later on is Bruce Maddox’s ambition to duplicate Data met (at first) with general enthusiasm and interest? (TNG “The Measure of a Man”)
Initially, I felt like these observations unravelled my theory. The problem would still remain, though, of how to reconcile the highly variable portrayal of AI across the Star Trek corpus from an in-universe perspective. Should we just throw in the towel and chalk it up to what the writers understood of computation at the time?
No! This is DaystromInstitute! I eventually realized I wasn’t getting nerdy enough. Looking at what we know today about AI and machine learning might offer some possible solutions. And because I delight in shameless nerdery, I must plead for your indulgence and digress into a brief foray into real-world computer science.

A Rather Simpler Summary of Machine Learning

“For me, it's rather simple. While I'm faced with a decision, my program calculates the variables, and I take action.”
- The Doctor (VOY “Latent Image”)

Indeed, “machine learning” is the hot trendy term, and for good reason: it’s the current approach giving us the most effective results in AI today. I’ll try not to get more technical than is needed to inform my points, and if you’d rather, you can optionally just skip to the last paragraph in this section. But here it is in a nutshell:
Most computer programs involve receiving an input and providing an output. If we have an input x and an output y, it is almost trivial to write a computer program that takes x, runs it through an equation—let’s say “2x+6”—and spits out the output. Given an input of 2, we get 10 as the output. Importantly, we know what we’re doing when we specify “2x+6” as the function; we know what a linear algebraic expression is, what it means mathematically, and how it can be applied to real problems.
In machine learning, we replace a simple mathematical function with a much more complicated framework: a neural network. As you might imagine, it involves lots of connections and many variables (and if you can’t, here’s a diagram), but it ultimately still takes an input and gives an output. For example, if I am texting on my phone, there’s an autocorrect program running that takes every word I type as an input and outputs suggestions or corrections. If I input the word “potsto” this program might give the output “potato.”
Because neural networks can be set up to be very complex, they are capable of taking almost anything that we can represent digitally as input! We can throw entire sentences, images, or sounds and train the neural network by specifying what we expect as output. With recent advances with recurrent neural networks (RNNs), we can also set the process to feed back onto itself so that outputs can be included with the inputs, allowing the network to have a “memory” of sorts, based on what it’s processed so far. (Looks a bit like this; note the loopy arrows.)
An important point, for our discussion, is how these neural networks are programmed. Instead of a human programming each connection (and there might be a lot!), we set the program to train itself over and over on a set of inputs that are tested against their “right answer” which is provided initially. At first, all the connections are essentially random and the system performs very poorly. After each trial, the program adjusts variables in the network so that next time, it’s closer to getting a right answer. After a ton of testing, and a wide variety of inputs, the program will have attempted to set up these neural connections so that given a brand new input (the word “ptotao” perhaps), it still provides the expected output (“potato”).
For a slightly more thorough (but still accessible) explanation, I recommend this 9-minute CGP Grey video (and its more relevant follow-up). For the mathematically-inclined, this 20-minute overview by 3Blue1Brown is a popular reference. There are also some fun examples of RNN-generated outputs in this blog post by researcher Andrej Karpathy.
So here’s the kicker: we have no idea how to describe what is happening between the input and the output in a machine-taught neural network. We didn’t program it; the computer did. Sure, we can see what values the variables are set to, but unlike “2x+6” we have no concept around what those variables or the state of the neural network means. We know what inputs to give it, what to expect as outputs, and we can give it a helpful label so we know what it does (e.g. “Autocorrect algorithm”), but we don’t know how it does what it does. Given the code for any one neural network, it would be impossible to tell what it does until we actually ran the program.

The Known Unknown

“Complex systems can sometimes behave in ways that are entirely unpredictable. The human brain, for example, might be described in terms of cellular functions and neurochemical interactions. But that description does not explain human consciousness, a capacity that far exceeds simple neural functions. Consciousness is an emergent property.”
- Data (TNG “Emergence”)

If we assume that Federation computers are still programmed in a similar fashion as to how we program our computers today (and I do not pretend there isn’t room to argue otherwise), then it is reasonable to expect that machine learning with neural networks continues to progress to the point where we can have conversations, debates, and natural social interaction with our computers. Whatever advantages “duotronic” or “isolinear” circuitry provide in computational speed and memory, we can imagine that this may allow for a neural network complex enough to understand the meaning of its inputs and outputs: sapient-seeming AI.
But given the machine learning paradigm, this means that we do not, cannot know the detailed workings of these networks. We understand the mechanisms but not the meaning. Does the state of this neural network mean that the computer really does understand the meaning of its functions, or does it only simulate true sapience?
If we presume that neural networks are the basis for holographic AI, we find similar ambiguity surrounding the same kinds of questions. We see this with Moriarty…
PICARD: We spent some time investigating how you became self-aware. Frankly, it still remains a mystery. (TNG “Ship in a Bottle”)
… and, of course, with the Doctor:
ARBITRATOR: The Doctor exhibits many of the traits we associate with a person. Intelligence, creativity, ambition, even fallibility. But are these traits real, or is the Doctor merely programmed to simulate them? To be honest, I don't know. (VOY “Author, Author”)
These lines, on their surface, seem like the writers copped out and didn’t want to take a hard stance on a very technical issue. But given the “unknowability” aspect of implementing a neural network, these comments take on new weight. If Federation computer scientists have no way to measure when the line between a normal computer program and an artificial consciousness is being crossed, it makes sense from an ethical standpoint that the Federation, as a society, should simply avoid ever getting close.
If the Federation has ethical restrictions on these algorithms, we can imagine that they would need to be specific: perhaps neural networks beyond a certain complexity are banned, or the amount of memory an algorithm can use is limited. These constraints might even be worked into the hardware. In instances where we see holograms that seem to be self-aware, even conscious, there are clues as to how they may have got around these restrictions.
Exhibit A: The self-aware Minuet is programmed by the Bynars (or it may be more accurate to say that the Bynars programmed the computer to program Minuet). As extreme computer experts, it’s possible that they developed a method for programming holographic AI that produced sentient-seeming characters that nevertheless stayed within the letter of Federation law and technical restrictions. When Riker comments on how “real” she seems, it’s not just because he’s surprised a holodeck simulation is capable of it, but because it is capable within the imposed limitations of Federation protocol. I propose that the Bynar’s method presents an advance in holographic AI that becomes more widely implemented, one that is accidentally triggered by LaForge in “Elementary, Dear Data,” and that is later used for…
Exhibit B: Voyager’s EMH is allowed to stay running for much longer than a normal hologram, allowing the neural network more time to process, and memory expansions to his program are meted out over the years. This non-standard procedure may have pushed into an edge case of Federation protocols, effectively breaking them. As a side note, we learn that hologram AI is modular:
EMH: How much has to be left behind?
SEVEN: Twelve megaquads.
EMH: I suppose you could get rid of my athletic abilities and my grand master chess program.
SEVEN: That leaves three megaquads. Your painting skills?
EMH: Oh, if you must. (VOY “Life Line”)
Exhibits C and D: Vic Fontaine and Dr. Lewis Zimmerman’s assistant Haley are apparently both programmed to be self-aware by design. Either the Federation ethics board didn’t mind that there were loopholes in its restrictions, or perhaps the ethics themselves changed with the times. The circumstances in which we see these two holograms are during the Dominion War and terminal illness, both a source of emotional trauma. It’s possible that these two are judged to provide mental health benefits that outweigh any esoteric moral discomfort around the potential consciousness of the holograms.

Everything is a Social Construct Anyway

“I have brought a new life into this world, and it is my duty, not Starfleet's, to guide her through these first difficult steps to maturity, to support her as she learns, to prepare her to be a contributing member of society.”
- Data, on his android daughter Lal (TNG “The Offspring”)

So what about all the other artificial life forms that have arisen within the Federation aside from holograms? We can look to exocomps, or whatever the cyber-shenanigans Ira Graves was up to, but once again, the Soong-type androids give us a good example to study. It seems that this hypothetical restriction on Strong AI doesn’t apply to them, so why not?
First of all, the medium in which they are formed is probably entirely different from your typical 24th century computer. The positronic brain is similar enough to a real human brain that it can host a human consciousness (TNG “The Schizoid Man”, “Power Play”), as well as be read by an empath (TNG “The Offspring”, “Descent”). The precise format of the machine (about which we could conjecture endlessly) may simply be too exotic to have been included in Federation rules. We also have no idea what “programming” on such a platform actually entails. It is possible that artificial brains are somehow easier to directly program compared to the neural networks we use in computational AI:
KORBY: Can you understand that a human converted to an android can be programmed for the better? Can you imagine how life could be improved if we could do away with jealousy, greed, hate? (TOS “What Are Little Girls Made Of?”)
Secondly—and this should have become obvious to me far sooner than it did—there is the practical matter of power and agency. By their nature, computers are depended upon to run systems, sometimes very powerful or critically important systems. An android, though superhuman, is still a single individual who fits into its society as such. We must accept that individuals are fallible; the control system for a starship, however... maybe we’d like a little more infallibility there, please?
One may also argue similarly for holograms, if we observe that they are not designed to control mission-critical systems, but are mostly commonly used for entertainment. Holodecks have been described as having independent hardware (VOY “Parallax”), so maybe the same is true for its software, through virtual-machine-like sandboxing. (Or at least, perhaps that precaution was developed after a renegade hologram took over complete control of a starship … twice.) This would make sense, given the apparent modularity and portability of holograms. Nevertheless, with holodeck safeties failing every other day, it would be prudent to at least have both policies and design philosophies to avoid inadvertently creating artificial life on your lunch break. Such philosophies may also contribute to why it takes Janeway roughly seven years longer than Picard to recognize the sentient AI aboard, the subject of a recent Trekspertise episode.
In the end, the Federation must balance its pursuit of knowledge and its search for new life with its ethical obligations to all life, natural or artificial. For my proposed restriction on AI research to serve as a valid solution, I believe it would need to be conservative and limited in scope. The ultimate goal is for individuals of all origins—even man-made ones—to be duly recognized with fundamental rights and freedoms, for computers to remain sophisticated tools in the hands of their masters, and to maintain a strong (albeit sometimes fuzzy) dividing line between the two.
If you made it all the way through that, I appreciate your interest and attention! I hope to hear some feedback: do you think these ideas hold water? What examples or conclusions did I miss? (I imagine there are some big ones!) And are there other ways to reconcile the inconsistent portrayal of AI from an in-universe perspective?
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Anti-Meta Control Citron Deck + Detailed Guide

Hey guys, it's SuraF and today I'll be sharing the Control Citron deck I've been using with great success over the current and last season, as well as presenting an in-depth guide on its pros and cons and how to play it.


Why Play Citron?

Because it's not Cancer Flare, A Heal Deck, Pineclone, or Clique Peas
The biggest reason is Citron's two classes, Smarty and Guardian. I strongly believe that these two classes are the best plant classes at the moment due to there versatility as well as their access to amazing cards. These include:
  • Strong Early, Mid and Late Game cards
  • Cheap, Excellent Environments
  • Anti-Meta Cards such as Brainana, Cool Beans, Galacta-Cactus, Doom-Shroom
Smarty and Guardian also have some of the best cards the game at the moment, and they are all very "independent". Between the two classes, there is almost no zombie decks that has a clear advantage over well-build citron deck.

Why not Beta-Carrotina?

The difference between Beta-Carrotina and Citron is the superpowers, and I consistently find that Citron's superpowers are better, Invulnerable is such a strong ability and can fuck with deadly as well as crazy direct damage AND bonus attacks. Carrotina's super powers are fun but they are unreliable. Conjuring takes up the bigger portion of three powers, while the last super-power is kinda weird. Going to quote GiantShyGuy from his(her?) post
Carrotina finds herself being less about living through the early game and more so trying to win by the early and mid game.
Also on a standalone, I find that citron's superpowers are just better. Nut signal is Card Draw (Not Conjuring), Transmogrify is insane after the buff, Root Wall is decent and Peel Shield can win you the game by itself.
Also Control Citron "feels" like it as endless potential, whenever you lose, you almost always know that you misplayed somewhere, and you feel like you can get better instead of being salty about a bad draw.

Deck & Explanations


Card Explanations

*Note: I don't recommend you reading all of this, you should just look at the ones that you have questions about.8
  • Galacta-Cactus: Staple card for guardian class. Insanely helpful at clearing out imp rush decks as well as exerting heavy pressure on the zombie hero due to it's bulls-eye ability, and can also trade up to Arm Wrestler on turn 1. Also GC is on of the only AoE's in the game, which is MASSIVELY helpful when helping our midrange minions clear the board of stronger ones. You can easily combo two together to wipe out 2 health minions. It's effect may have a little repercussions since it can blow up your own Spyris.
  • Spyris: Spyris isn't just a card that can peek under graves, its also a handy counter to Toxic Waste Imp and Octo-Pet, especially since guardian and smarty doesn't have direct removal to TWI. Later on its also a pretty hand way to isolate and track the Pogo Bouncers after MuG so that you can Spikeweed them.
  • Planet of the Grapes: Honestly I have this just because I love its combo potential with Sportacus and Galacta-Cactus. It's still a good card for cycling but mostly it's used to win environment wars as well as trigger leaf blowers ability.
  • Sow Magic Beans: Buffs to this card (it now draws a card), makes it insanely strong. It is (or was) a good response to T2 Medulla Nebulla. It gives the deck is strong turn 2 play which both Guardian and Smarty lacks. Later on the 4/4 minions are great for trading the board or pressuring the opponent. Pro Tip: Always use Sow Magic Beans on the Zombie Hero's Face
  • Spikeweed Sector: Amazing card, it does so much for you, it can allow your Zucchini to hit face, lets you facecheck gravestones (clears out electrician, pogo-bouncer and stealthy imp), as well as being a great counter to Arm Wrestler + Sumo Wrestler. Mostly importantly, you can easily kill the pogo-bouncer to disrupt the Pogo+MuG combo.
  • Cool Beans: If you haven't read PvZTryHard Freeze Rose guide, I highly suggest you do, and especially, look at the Vanilla section. tl;dr 3/3 is a magic body because 3 attack is prefect for dodging most zombie removal, and 3 health is so that it can almost always go even with all zombie 1,2 and 3 drops. It's a good body and its effect is just devastating against MuG, (it's even better because if it's the only minion on the board the zombie player is forced to bounce it so you can re-freeze). Not only is it good against MuG, since graves are prominent in almost every deck now, its also a tempo play since it can potential save some minions (Especially those people that use Electrician as removal).
  • Shamrocket: Surprisingly this card felt really hit or miss, sometimes you get to Sham a Nurse Garg and Defensive End, but sometimes you end up with 2 in your hand. However since we already have a lot of anti-aggro elements, (Galacta-Cactus, Spikeweed), it's helpful for dealing with big threats later on.
  • Sportacus: Just like Cool Bean, its a 3/3 body with a 3 drop. The ability is also quite useful at chipping at the zombie hero's health or triggering Planet of the Grapes. Keep in might that Control doesn't mean 20 to 0 in one turn, even though our late game cards can deal a lot of damage, these midrange cards helps us chip down at the zombie hero.
  • Leaf Blower: After a lot of testing I realized that this deck was really weak to Space Cowboy, and double DEnds from Rampbolt can lock me out of Shamrocketing. Enter Leaf Blower. It's 3/4 body is also quite sturdy when trading against smaller minions and the bouncing ability can snag you some tempo. Due to the prevalence of environments in the current meta (especially medulla nebula which is why you need bounces anyways) you can get it's effect off consistently. It also has amphibious which can occasionally be helpful in killing water lane stuff early if you didn't draw spyris, but that's really it's secondary tertiary role.
  • Doom-Shroom: Good counter to Pet Decks, Sports Deck, Swimmer Decks, King Decks, etc. Rarely do I see people playing around this card, they all go full overboard with their gargs and their zookeeper buffs. Unfortunately, the Brainana "buff" made it so that it's vulnerable to Doom-Shroom now, but nevertheless its still a handy tool in the Guardian kit and one of the only "board-flips".
  • Brainana: Brainana is just such a good card in general, especially since Brainy classes have pretty much always been some of the best decks and Brainana is great at shutting down their strategies. It's also a good tempo play against Hearty and Beastly at times too, since they will run out of the brains to Camel Cross/Maniacal/Vita Z, which will often turn the trade in your favor.
  • Poppin' Poppies: PP does two things in the deck, 1) protect our midrange/late-game minions from deadly 2) heal our hero up against the constant strikethrough spam. Turn 7+ you can also combo Poppin' Poppies with Citron's Superpower, basically giving you 3 lanes of defense. It has been super helpful at healing up the recoil from Galata-Cactus and Anti-Hero spam early on.
  • Dark Matter Dragonfruit: Don't know why there is so much hate directed at this card. The only weakness is its vulnerability to bouncing, but thanks to spikeweed sector and maybe spyris, most pogos should be rooted out by now. It functions as an insanely strong board clear, since without Cut Down to Size, the zombie player doesn't have any tricks that can remove it, AND EVEN IF THEY DO, it's still worth since they will spend more brains removing it than you spent casting it. It's amphibious ability is no slouch either, you can often drop it in the water lane for lethal since its 6 attack is devastating. Its ability and Splash Damage 6 is so amazing, its basically a pseudo brainana + bigger cherry bomb.
  • The Great Zucchini: Mostly play testing with this card since it got a minor buff, at the moment it has preformed quite well. Zucchini combos well with Spikeweed Sector, since you can often deal 7 damage to the face, you can also use it to clog the lanes especially since you have the healing from Poppin' Poppies. When Full Moon Rising comes out I'll probably replace it with another DMD or Wall-Nut Bowling.
  • Wall-Nut Bowling: The Premier Guardian finisher, can potential deal 18 damage in one turn. It's pretty versatile, and you can also use it to clear the ground lanes since 6 damage is enough to kill big threats such as TricksteDEnd/Nurse/Plankwalker.

Why Not...

  • Gravebuster: Just hate how hit/miss this card is. It's even worse than Shamrocket, while most if not all Zombie Decks have minions with more than 3 attack, not every deck has graves. What's worse the niche that Shamrocket fills is indispensable, while I don't find much problems dealing with graves at the moment with Spikeweed and Cool Bean. Maybe if I start see more Binary Stars/Teleportation Zombies I might start including more.
  • Plantern: Just don't have enough space for this card, the 3 sun slot is already pretty packed. Even though it has a good ability, it not as good as Sportacus or Cool Beans.
  • Soul Patch: 7 Sun is just too much of an invest without instant impact (Before you say it, DMD has an instant impact, removing 6 brains from the zombie hero). Although Soul Patch does have good synergy with Citron's invulnerable powers, I didn't run into much cases where I lost due to being rushed down.

Replaceable Cards

I'm going to rank the cards by how important that card is in the deck, from easily replaceable to unreplaceable. I'm not going to include any uncommons/rares.

Low Priority

  • Spyris: Something that can kill TWI/Octopet, ex. Sea Shroom
  • Dark Matter Dragonfruit: Another late game Control Card ex. Soul Patch
  • Great Zucchini: Another late game Control Card ex. Soul Patch

Medium Priority

  • Sow Magic Beans: A good T2 Tempo Play or Card Cycle/Draw ex. Corn Doge, Jugger-nut, Mayflower
  • Sportacus: A T3 Tempo Play ex. Plantern, Mayflower
  • Doom-Shroom: Removal/Bounce ex. Jumping Bean/Leaf Blowers Guac
  • Poppin' Poppies: T5-6 Tempo Play, preferably if it can protect your hero ex. Gravitree, Body Gourd, Sapfling (maybe?)

High Priority

  • Cool Beans: Gravebusters
  • Shamrocket: Removal/Bounce ex. Jumping Bean/Leaf Blowers Guac
  • Wall-Nut Bowling: A finisher.


  • Galacta-Cactus: It's AoE, ability to pressure the opponent and ability to trade with all T1 drops makes it irreplaceable.
  • Brainana: Brainy + Tricks is just too prevalent in this meta to not have at least 3.


Will talk more about mulliganing in each specific matchup

Cards you should always aim to have:

  • Galacta-Cactus: Keep up to 2
  • Spikeweed Sector Keep 1 if you feel that the zombie hero is unlikely to use environments (Sneaky, Hearty) 2 if you feel like you need to engage in environment wars against Medulla Nebulla users.
These cards are your core early game control cards. Galacta-Cactus, as stated before, can trade up against all T1 drops as well as potentially check Impfinity's Superpower. Spikeweed Sector can kill almost every zombie two drop, Vengeful Cyborg, Cosmic Scientist etc.. If you have these two cards you are almost guaranteed a smooth start. In fact, you can pressure the opponenet really heavily if you have 2 Galacta-Cactus, I once won on turn 4 when I got an insane draw and the opponent was ran 16 and used Hot-Dog Imps.
NEVER trade these away unless you already have two copies of Galacta-Cactus or Spikeweed Sector.

Cards you should aim/keep for in specific matchups

  • Spyris: Keep Sypris against sneaky heroes (especially neptuna) to counter Octo-Pult, if you are not against a Sneaky hero and you HAVE Galacta-Cactus, mulligan it away.
  • Sow Magic Beans: Great against players that you except to pass/trick turn two, these include Medulla Ramp, and Beam me Uppers.
However if the rest of your cards are 3 cost or more, I would still keep them since at least you are guaranteed a T1/2 play.

Conditional Keeps

Keep if you have a combo card or already a really strong start, if you don't have Galacta-Cactus/Spikeweed Sector Mulligan these, if you do keep these.
  • Planet of the Grapes: Only keep if you have Galacta-Cactus or Sportacus, if you don't mulligan it away. Never keep more than one.
  • Cool Bean: Only keep if you are against sneaky, you can also keep it if you have a really good hand and you anticipate a Kite FlyeElectrician. Never keep more than one, we have 4 in the deck, drawing one before the opponent starts MuGing is pretty decent.
  • Sportacus: Keep this if you have Spikeweed Sector or Galacta-Cactus. Only keep one.
If you have to choose between Sportacus and Cool Bean, keep Sportacus if you have Planet of the Grapes, Cool Bean against Gravestone users, then Sportacus.
Never keep anything else unless in very sketchy situations. Which will be talked about in the matchups sections below.

Sample Mulligans

I didn't record any game play vods so I just mulliganed against the AI

Excellent Mulligan

Good Mulligan

Decent Mulligan

Bad Mulligan


Turn 1

Galacta Cactus
Hopefully you have a Galacta-Cactus in your hand. If they don't play a minion, great! Play Galacta-Cactus in lane 2 (this is so that you can potentially put down a Planet of the Grapes). However if they play a minion, you have to decide whether or not you want to front the minion with Galacta-Cactus.
If it's a high priority threat like Arm WrestleCheese CutteDisconaut/Cat Lady front it and they'll trade. However if you're playing against immortica, ALWAYS TRADE, this is to prevent Secret Agent + Swimmers shenanigans. (You can apply this to other beastly heroes as well but Immortica does this the most, especially with Lep Imp)
Generally don't Spyris turn 1. The point of Spyris is to trade against t2 octo-pet and TWI, if you play it turn 1 they wouldn't play TWI/use Octoput, wait for them to use/play it. And then do it on Turn 2.
However if you are against brainstorm/immortica and you don't have Galacta-Cactus, I would still drop it because you can start pressuring them with chip damage.
Generally Nut-Signal always because if you don't have Galacta-Cactus you really need to draw an early game card. Transmogrify can be used if you're really scared of a mini-ninja.

Turn 2

Planet of the Grapes
Generally you can just play this on the same lane as Galacta Cactus since it guarantee a card draw, however you shouldn't play it if you don't have a three drop since it can easily be replace and you lose a card.
Spikeweed Sector
If you have a Spikeweed Sector thats great! But don't play it if the zombie hero doesn't play any minions on the ground, this is because it can be easily replaced (essentially losing you a card) and the zombie hero can just avoid playing zombies in that lane. Use spikeweed sector to kill most zombie minions like Cyborg or use it to facecheck graves.
Sow Magic Beans
If you happen to have Sow Magic Beans and it's your only play/the zombie hero didn't spend any brains you can Sow your beans for card cycling and the potential to draw a Beanstalk later on.

The Mid-Game

Turn 3-4 is where you fall back on the back foot and play the response game. You can't really pressure the opponent but your 3/3 can contest the board fairly well. You should also start trying to spam cycle cards so that you can thin your deck so that you can draw your appropriate response cards.
Turn 5 is where you are the most vulnerable, at this point zombie minions can easily overpower your 3/3's so you have to play smartly so you don't make too many two for one trades, this can't really be described too well but you will get the feel for it after a few games.
After Turn 6 and the zombie hero doesn't have too big of an advantage, you should be in good shape. However if you fucked up/got unlucky, you can a) hit the panic button and use Doom-Shroom b) try to stall with Poppin' Poppies and your superpower so you can Zucchini and Wall-Nut Bowling c) stomach the hits and use leaf blower + shamrocket to take out a few high priority threats (Imp Mascot, DEnd, etc.).
However don't think that this deck is purely control, if you manage to get a few Beanstalks and Well Timed Cool Beans/Brainanas, you can easily wrest control the board, and use Poppin' Poppies to keep your minions alive. Winning off tempo is something that this deck can easily do as well.

The Late-Game

At this point you should be hoping to clear the ground lanes so that you can use wall-knight bowling.
You should also be more greedy with your Shamrokcets if you still have them at this moment.
Most of the time the zombie hero wants to use the tricks phase to close out the game, but then you can just spring your Braianana's and DMD and cuck them. Brainana and DMD are 70% of the time your win cons, and Wall-Nut Bowling is the other 20%.

Final Thoughts:

Obviously this deck is not perfect, at the moment I'm looking at whether or not Spyris is pulling its weight, and if you find success with Soul Patch/Gravebuster that's great!
I'll add the Matchups in the comments soon, as well as some gameplay pics!
And also... my AT2020 Finally arrived in the mail today! I have to move over the weekend but next week I can probably start streaming/starting a Youtube channel! Setup
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Cisco Wireless help-option 43 hell

I need somw help before my head explodes, I have a 2504 WLC and some new 1532 AP's. The guy before me configured a single dhcp scope on our switch to service AP's, I can get the 1532's configured no problem using it. I do not want that dhcp scope to exist though, I want to use my MS server, I have configured option 43 using the method I always used, set VIC, and then add option 241 to theat VIC and add the IP of the controller, this did not work, I then tried another recommended method where you create the binary option 102 and add the controller IP to it, that didnt work, if anyone has any ideas how to get these bitches up and running I will love you for eternity
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[Table] IAmA hacker who is currently in Federal Prison, AMA.

Verified? (This bot cannot verify AMAs just yet)
Date: 2012-03-21
Link to submission(Has self-text)
Link to my post
Questions Answers
I heard many times hackers in prison have some amount of respect. That they don't get harassed or aren't at the bottom of the hierarchy. Is this true? If you say you're a hacker will people just leave you alone. "This has been true for almost every facility I've been to so far. Most criminals are either afraid that as a hacker you can do things like increase their sentence, or they're just interested in it because they wish they could make money with it as opposed to robbing people, stealing cars, selling drugs, or whatever they're there for. Most of them don't understand the amount of time and devotion it takes to learn to hack. So to answer your question, yes, most people just leave you alone. The others are too busy asking you questions to harass you."
Wow I really didn't think it would work that way. I thought hackers would be the bottom of the food-chain, but that's pretty interesting that some of the tough-guys are intrigued/cautious of a hackers intelligence. "I was surprised too. Unsurprisingly, the bottom of the food chain is reserved for those with sexual offense cases (especially the ones involving children)."
What do you plan on doing once you're out? "I regret some of them. I'm still not completely sure what I'll be doing when I get out. No suits. Just body armor and AR-15's."
How were you detained? black suited men with glasses show up at your doorstep? I sent him all your questions, but I can answer the last one (how he was detained) based on what he told me face to face. He said the FBI called something like a few days to a week in advance and asked him some questions. At that point he knew he was likely going to be detained, so he got rid of a bunch of hard drives and stuff. It was an unmarked black Crown Vic and two or three federal agents knocked on his door. He'd seen them pull up and decided to leave a cigarette lit so he'd have one last minute of freedom or something to that effect. When they knocked he answered and told them just a moment he needed to put out his cigarette. He went upstairs and did that, then came down and they politely handcuffed him and put him in the backseat of their car. He said they were asking him questions about his hacking and seemed very curious, but he kept his answers short and uninformative.
Very newmanian Haha, so true.
Did he know he was going to get caught at some point? Or was he positive he would be able to get away with it? I must say that's pretty risky. I remember him telling me that Digital River (the company he hacked) patched the vulnerabilities he was using several times, and that's probably one of the main reasons why he was caught. He got greedy and kept going back in even after he knew they were aware of his break-in.
1) Are you self taught? 1) "Yes."
2) When did you start this activity? how old were you? 2) "I was about 10 or 11 when I first became interested in hacking."
3) Did you do it for the challenge or the money? 3) "Always the challenge. When I ended up needing some money, I looked at what I already had access to instead of hacking something new."
You started when you where 10 or 11 i am guessing there was a porn blocker on your computer right. "Thankfully, no porn blocker. It all started when I saw someone on AOL use a "punter" to kick another user offline. I wanted to know everything about how they worked. Now I know they were just Visual Basic programs that sent instant messages containing HTML that the AOL client didn't expect (i.e., "") which would cause it to crash."
So nerdinja, what were YOU in jail for? I feel this may be a more interesting ama then waiting around for a hacker to reply to questions. After dosing 5 grams of indoor grown psilocybin mushrooms (often referred to as a "heroic dosage") I ended up in jail with aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon charges. But that's beside the point.
Similar thing happened to me. Took 5 grams, freaked out, started driving got pulled over and fought four cops. I woke up in jail with a dislocated shoulder being charged with battery on a peace officer and resisting arrest. It happens to the best of us, hope your shoulder turned out okay and that you didn't spend too much time tangling with the legal system. Also relevant username ftw.
Who/ why did you rob someone? ( other then because you were high) Did you still do mushrooms? 1) I was sold ounces of the mushrooms at a time and then I would sell them 2) I "robbed" Radioshack of a VGA cable and an audio cable because I was out of my mind after staying up for five days in a row 3) I remember the majority of it, in fact I still have a file called "relax and take notes.txt" that I wrote while tripping my balls off. 4) I dropped one cap not too long ago at a friends house when somebody offered me one, I enjoyed it, but as I was coming down I got the slight paranoid feeling I had originally experienced.
Actually I'm not. I'm genuinely more interested in your story then the hacker story seriously. How did the police treat you? They tased me bro. Literally, haha. I leaped at them and yelled at the top of my lungs when they came to arrest me.
We're gonna need to see that file now, nerd ninja Edited to correct piss-poor spelling. ಠ_ಠ.
[5 days on 5 grams? bullshit, when I was 16 I ate 1/3 ounce (9 grams) and tripped for 10 hours...I'm not saying you didn't rob a radioshack and get tased and spend time in prison...but 5 days? for 5 grams? naaaah....] Cool. I'm not asking anybody to believe me, hell I'd prefer for you NOT to believe me as the story is highly embarrassing. There you go Mr. internet guy.
Not to laugh. But I laughed. Did you try to fight them? In that mindset (psychotic) I don't know what I was thinking. I think that at that exact moment I thought they were holograms or psychic projections or something, and that if I jumped and battle cried loud enough they'd disappear or dissolve or something ._.
I didn't actually get a chance to lay a finger on either one of the cops (there were two) as they tased me quicker than you can say buhgina. It wasn't one of those puny handheld tasers either, it was the projectile hook in your fucking chest kind of taser.
Please? Please what?
That shit leaves scars. So as someone who has never tripped, what was your 5 day expeirence like? What do you remember most? The only thing I can relate to it is my friend took acid and wound up wandering into a grocery store. He said the whole place in his mind started on fire and a grocery employee came up to him and said " areeee youuu ooohhhkayyyy?" Being somebody who enjoys altered states, I will say that experience was the worst possible thing that could have happened. I lost all basis in reality, couldn't discern whether I was awake or dreaming, I was convinced I was time traveling and doing all sorts of fictional things, it was all around just a bad experience. I've dropped one other psychedelic since and actually had a great time (2-CE, 8-10mg in a capsule) so it's not that I'm against drugs or anything, it's just I went a little overboard with the shrooms and I believe I achieved what some might call "ego loss" when I was definitely not ready to take a hard look at myself without an ego.
Please let us see the file. What is this file you speak of?!
1) did you hack the gibson? 1) "Yes, although it was running several psybnc's as "./httpd" and had a few suids in /tmp/ for some reason."
2) how do you feel about how 'movies and tv' portray people who work with computers or do what you did? 2) "They usually get it wrong. They're usually depicted as evil masterminds who want to steal your bank accounts and read your emails (I'm the exception, not the rule). It's also a lot less visual than movies like "Hackers" and "Swordfish" make it seem."
What motivated you to freely share oceanographic data from NASA's satellites? Was there something special that you thought needed to be made public? "Actually, I have no idea what they were talking about (No, seriously). I never touched that database. I basically just got into the system, looked around, then left. I didn't bring it up in court because it wouldn't have effected my sentencing either way."
How long were you on the payroll? And did you have a plan to back out at a certain point because I imagine you knew this could not go on forever and that somewhere along the line you'd get caught. "I was on the system for about 5 or 6 years, but didn't actually try taking money from it until about 2 years ago. I didn't have any alternate plans at the time. In my mind, I always assumed I would have found something else if Digital River ever dried up."
What's Kate Upton's email password? Kate123.
Is he going back into hacking when he gets out? I imagine he's not going to want to answer that one, to be honest. But I sent it anyway.
Do you sincerely regret stealing large amounts of money? "Yes, because there's no reason I couldn't have obtained large amounts of money legally. I was just being lazy."
Is there any way for me to put money on his books? Of course, man. I'm sure he'd be super stoked to hear even that somebody offered. PM me and I'll tell you how.
Are you serious? they have them as dirt cheap labor and they are charging him to communicate? I don't think he actually works in there. As far as he explained, you have a choice of working to get money put on your books, or not.
What programming language is your favorite to code in? What can we do to protect ourselves better from normal rootkits and things like that? "Perl! "Normal rootkits" can usually be avoided by maintaining a remote database of checksums for all of your local system binaries (i.e., with Tripwire). That along with up to date patches, strong passwords, and a little common sense should help."
I find it difficult to believe that a convicted hacker has any access to a computer while in prison. Federal prisoners are allowed access to a very simple computer that has a calendar, contacts list, and email client. Read up on CorrLinks if you don't believe me. It costs him I think $.05/minute to check it, which comes out of his commissary funds.
How many "favors" does it cost him to send/check email? "2. Is there a charge for using this site? Charges for using this site are based upon agreements with Correctional agencies. This site does not charge for sending or receiving messages from inmates at Federal Bureau of Prisons facilities with TRULINCS. Sending messages to Iowa inmates costs $0.25 per message."
I'm a lawyer, not a convict, for what it's worth. Thanks, sir. I've always found it curious that there are those who fake AMAs, and I'm certainly not one of them. Just thought you guys might find this interesting.
Why did you hack, even though you knew it was wrong? (feel free not to answer that one, it might seem a bit personal) Was it really difficult to do what you did , even though you knew what you were doing? Like, was the process of hacking those websites difficult? "I wouldn't consider hacking wrong, but what I did wasn't just hacking, it was also theft. At that time, morality was the last thing on my mind. I had lost my job and needed money. I'm not saying this was my only option, just that it was the easiest. As for the hacking difficulty, it wasn't much of a challenge gaining access. Figuring out the correct database that handled payments was the hard part (A lot of duplicate databases on the system that were unused)."
I just think it is funny that they gave a computer hacker access to a computer, kind of like giving a heroin addict his fix. Not really, it's more like giving a heroin addict needles but no heroin.
How old are you? I recall him being 26 when I met him about 6-8 months ago. He may be 27 by now.
"27 now. 26 at the time of my arrest."
Time to make some FREE PARKER T-shirts and bumper stickers. Would it be possible to write to Mr Parker myself? As a fellow "Information Freedom Fighter & Network Security Professional I would have tons to talk about ( without being illegal ). That's super nice of you, I'll definitely be sending him your comment. The way the CorrLinks system works is he has to have your email address, and request contact with you from the inside. PM me your address and I'll shoot it to him. If he requests contact with you, you should get an email explaining how to setup your account at CorrLink's website.
"I've only got like 14 mins left on this thing. Tell digitalmatter to setup a donation page for me so people can Western Union me some money for email ;D But that might sound weird."
They gave you a computer and internet access? Isnt that liking giving a child molester a 12 year old? Not much you can do with such a locked down email only system, so no, not really. If you're doubting the authenticity of the AMA then I'd be glad to provide more proof. Just ask.
What were some "small" hacking projects you did before getting the courage to do Digital River? "Digital River was a "small" hacking project compared to some other things I've hacked :-P But since I'm only charged with Digital River, disregards that. :-x"
Why did you choose Digital River? Did they seem more vulnerable than other companies? "It was more vulnerable, but ran by people competent enough to make it a little more challenging."
What's an average day in the prison you're in? "Uneventful ;-)"
Where, when and how (meaning self-taught, etc) did he learn to hack? "IRC, 1994, Self-taught."
"(Heh, that one was short)"
Is your mom mad at you? "I think she knows I've been punished enough and her being angry won't help any."
When is he getting out? I'm not sure, he only had like 9 months on his Federal sentence but there were other complications that are going to end him up in TDC for a year or two once he's released from the fed.
Wait you met him in jail but you've never been to prison? I'm sure I'm just misunderstanding the difference between jail/prison. Jail is where you're housed temporarily (usually max of a year) while going to court and such, prison is where you serve out your sentence.
How did you get into computer hacking? "I think I answered this in another question. The (very) short version is: AOL punters -> -> DALnet -> everything else."
What's was your "magnum opus" in hacking? (AKA, what was the moment you realized you were really good at this?) "I haven't reached it yet >:-D"
What about tax stuff? If you were on the payroll, and having the checks mailed to you with accurate info, wouldn't the company send you a W-2 also? "If I remember correctly, taxes were done on the system with a web interface, though I'm probably misremembering."
Interesting! Haha, kind of a short answer, I know. But I'm just relaying his responses verbatim.
Understandable :p frankly I didn't even expect you to see my comment anyway, so this is cool lol. I've spent a large part of my time off from work responding to comments, upvoting, downvoting, and relaying responses. Shit's hard work, I feel like I need a secretary!
Bad news bud. You are the secretary. Facepalm.
What's the best language(s) and OS(es) for hacking, and where would be the best place to learn it/them? I'm pretty good at programming but not too great with security stuff, so I'm interested in knowing this (mostly to defend my servers/websites, ofc). "Languages that would help: C, Assembly, Perl/Python, Bash; OSes: Backtrack 5 (or any Linux), along with the other *nixes (BSD/Solaris). The internet's a good place to start (Google is your friend)."
Can any computer connected to the internet truly be "hackproof"? Or can a smart enough hacker gain access to anything as long as he's determined enough? "No computer can be made 100% "hackproof", but there are things you can do to make it extremely difficult to get into your system. Luckily, the few with enough skill to get into (almost) everything won't be paying any attention to your system ;-)"
Ever goto Defcon? Do you use backtrack? Or compile all the tools your self? I'll send him the question, but I know he has used Backtrack in the past, and spoke pretty highly of it. Hearing him talk about it made me want to try it.
Question: What are the best Computer Science and Math classes to take, if I want to learn about reverse-engineering commercial software? "I wouldn't know what classes are available these days, but there was an old site I used to frequent @ Link to that (If it's still there) has lots of (de)crypters/(de)compilers/(dis)assemblers/tutorials/etc. that would be very useful in reverse engineering."
What's the food like? "Edible(ish)"
Has the Government/Anyone else offered you any Jobs in IT once out of prison? I hear lots of hackers get picked up once out. Problem: he's still in prison.
What is the first thing you will do when you get out? Are there any online communities you miss being a part of? "I'm sure it'll involve random womenfolk and fewd. After that, I'm not sure yet. I wasn't really part of anything besides IRC, and I stopped that a year or two before my arrest. In the end, it was just me and my lonesome hacking the planet for fun and profit."
Would you say that it is cracking that you have done and not hacking? I'm going to send him this question, but I can answer this myself. Cracking is usually reverse engineering software, whereas the word hacking, in most cases, is used to describe accessing computers and/or networks you're not supposed to have access to. He hacks, but he can probably crack software as well if he wanted to.
Five hours later the only question anyone cares about isn't answered. Patience is a virtue. He's working on getting his responses to me asap.
That's just totally not true. 5 grams of dried mushrooms is a lot. Most people do like 2 grams at a time...max. That being said...there's no way he was tripping for 5 days after 5 grams. 5 grams is a lot and anyone who claims differently is either inexperienced or outright lying. I was up for 5 days, without exaggeration. According to a few of my friends I dosed 1-2 grams more here and there. It was mainly the psychotic/manic episode that kept me up. I even had a friends mother give me 200mg of Seroquel and I still remained awake.
Maybe the quality of these were insane. I have a very high tolerance for hallucinogens. They were well grown indoor psilocybin with great big bronze bottomed stems, deep purple veins, etc. Who knows how strong they actually were, but they definitely were the catalyst for my 'episode' if you want to call it that.
Haha. The doses that people on erowid take are much higher than the average person. Those guys are pros. Geoffrey clearly doesn't know all that much about actual psychedelics. Reading Erowid is one thing, having your hands on good stuff is another. I find it fishy that he's measuring doses as ".176 ounces" ... who does that?
It's schwag vs. dro, man. Exactly. Field shrooms you could probably drop a half ounce of. Indoor well grown shrooms and three grams is getting close to a high dosage.
Lol when he took the .25oz they were well grown indoor shrooms. Taken multiple times from many different sources. Usually indoors because that is what is easier to grow in this area. Tripped balls, but not FIVE days and you remember everything. Well you see, the mind is a complicated thing. You find a vast difference in brain chemistry from one human to another, not to mention behavioral patterns, how you were raised, pre-existing psychological disorders, etc. I don't get what you are trying to prove here, Geoffreyhach. That I am bluffing about going crazy and doing something seriously stupid? Think about it for a second.
Do the mistakes that you made that led up to you being caught seem obvious now. "Very. (Proxy servers only work when you use them. Best to use a VPN that's setup as your default route so that you can't access anything on the internet without it going through your VPN... And don't wire any money to your own bank account, it's not very smart)."
You were great in Swordfish. "It was fun working with John Travolta, and Halle berry looks great topless!"
Can't say I have any greater respect for a lawyer than I would a convict to be honest. Zing.
Hardware has little effect on hacking capabilities. Wooosh.
What do you drink while in the Penn. Ive sent him the question, but I remember him telling me about this when we met. They call it "hooch" and it's just highly fermented fruit and sugar. They store it in trash bags in the toilets when the guards "shake down" the cells. He told me of one experience where him and another guy had to drink a metric ton of hooch so they didn't get caught, got super drunk.
"Copheee! (When I can afford it)"
I need to start making a list of people drink, this is the first time it has been a, "metric ton of hooch out of a garbage bag from a toilet." Relevant username ftw. For the record I wasn't the one drinking the hooch, and I don't think it ever touched any doodoo water.
I understand. People rarely thing about what there drinking, yet water will keep them alive longer then food will. TY for Response!!! Yes, yes it will (as I take a sip of Dr. Pepper Ten, in all its high fructose syrup glory)
Hey! im from Minnesota you bastard! "Well I'm from Texas, so screw Minnesota!"
I will have to pass along the question although I am pretty sure I know the answer. It has been a few months since we met but I will have to double check the answer with him. I dont regret any interactions but I will have to get back to you on that! I don't understand you. There have been multiple AMAs where there's a middle man forwarding the messages to somebody else. What's the big deal? Does it make it any less authentic? Are his responses losing meaning as the bytes pass through the interwebs?
Why the hell would you want to FREE this guy? He stole $275,000. That's not anything like a victimless crime, it's just simple theft. If you ask me it was a victimless crime seeing as how the money was most likely insured. Having met the guy I can tell he's genuinely a nice person, kind, compassionate, and wouldn't harm a fly. Different strokes for different folks though, I suppose.
People on the internet are weirdly aggressive. Yeah, but it still surprises me when I see it.
Do they molester you? In all seriousness, If(youFeelGuilty) { print "why do you feel guilty" }else { print "why not?"} "Thankfully, no molestering. And youFeelGuilty = "alittle\n"; /* cause stealing is wrong */"
Fine I will tone it down. I have no respect for you or the hacker you are in communication with. He is a thief, and you stated you see no problem in it. That is all. And yes I have, when I was a young teen not realizing the damage I was causing musicians and the record industry. I now use Spotify. I understand. Thanks for the comments.
How did you gain the knowledge of hacking? Like what were the first steps to learn how to code and stuff? It seems like one of those things you can find a youtube how-to... "Hacking isn't just coding, but that is a large part of it. I'd rather not go into the philosophy or definition of hacking because it's been done many times before by people much smarter than me. I doubt a site or video will teach you everything you need to know. Your best bet is to first learn everything about your own system (i.e., What programs are running in the background? What do they each do? What tcp/udp ports are open? Why are they open? etc.). If you get into hacking just to learn how to break into computers then you'll probably end up in jail. But if you learn because you're interested in every aspect of networking/computing then you'll probably have a future in it."
Last updated: 2012-03-26 01:38 UTC
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